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Blockchain Future States

“Blockchain Future States [by Simon Denny] investigates Ethereum, 21 Inc., and Digital Asset, three financial companies at the forefront of Bitcoin technology and the application of the blockchain, a decentralized transaction database that functions as the backbone of this crypto-currency. The potential widespread usage of Bitcoin as a supra national currency enables these visionaries to propose radically different visions for a new world […]

Initial Coin Offering

In this ritual about 25 men from the audience went through a labour ceremony, during which they were cajoled with caring love and support by a group of women wearing balaclavas. This ritual was meant to act as a militant detoxification program, wherein the men could rid themselves of their patriarchy. After what felt like […]


“The zoöp contributes to a stronger social, legal and economic position for non-humans within society, as well as making it possible to work towards a model of reciprocal ecological-economic growth that is able to resist the exhausting dynamics of capitalism.” [connects to DLT but not necessarily uses it]

Is it Copernicus?

“Is it Copernicus is an art project that explores this new paradigm of decentralization in the digital realm with the use of blockchains. By experimenting with shared ownership and (de)centralized governance the collective steering of money and power is explored. To do so Is it Copernicus fabricated a closed artwork made of glass that contains […]

Trojan DAO

The Trojan DAO is born from immutable, unstoppable, and irrefutable computer code, operated entirely by its members. It is a decentralized structure, an organization where governance and decision making systems are programmed on the Ethereum blockchain, effectively removing the need for a central governing authority.


Lithopia is a prototype of a blockchain-managed fictional village that uses satellite and drone data to trigger smart contracts on the open source blockchain platform, Hyperledger.


Terra0 is a self-owning forest on the blockchain.