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Is it Copernicus?

Is it Copernicus is an art project that explores this new paradigm of decentralization in the digital realm with the use of blockchains. By experimenting with shared ownership and (de)centralized governance the collective steering of money and power is explored. To do so Is it Copernicus fabricated a closed artwork made of glass that contains a public key that accumulates value. Breaking the artwork reveals the private key that gives access to the funds in the treasury. This raises interesting questions: What is shared ownership? What do we value (together)? And eventually, who decides about the faith of things that we own and govern collectively?”

Trojan DAO

The Trojan DAO is born from immutable, unstoppable, and irrefutable computer code, operated entirely by its members. It is a decentralized structure, an organization where governance and decision making systems are programmed on the Ethereum blockchain, effectively removing the need for a central governing authority.


Lithopia is a prototype of a blockchain-managed fictional village that uses satellite and drone data to trigger smart contracts on the open source blockchain platform, Hyperledger.


Corona blockchain tool by IBM to “securely and democratically manage COVID-19 outbreaks by crossing siloed health and location data, while fully and unwaveringly protecting the privacy of its users.”



Terra0 is a self-owning forest on the blockchain.


LegalFling is the first blockchain based app to request and verify explicit consent before having sex.

Corona app

The Dutch Blockchain Coalition is working on a corona app on the blockchain that grants and denies access to buildings and facilities.

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