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Swag Finance

“SWAG.Finance is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), which is responsible for community governance of SWAG – The Global Leading Asian Adult Entertainment Community.”


“Konjungate is the first cryptoartfund to change the income of contemporary artists by generting them an interpassive income via “staking”. And it is based on Media Art.” Website


Blockchain-based dating / matching app using tokens. Offline now, but documentation at Medium. Homepage at


“Introducing REL-Registry, a decentralized global Relationship Registry on the Blockchain, complemented by Lifelong AI Love Advisor to help singles and couples worldwide.”


Dating / matching app that will be based on blockchain technology.

Bail bloc

“Bail Bloc is a computer program that bails people out of jail. Volunteers can download the application to any desktop or laptop computer. The app runs in the background of everyday use, mining a cryptocurrency called Monero. I exchange the mining rewards for $USD and donated directly to the Bronx Freedom Fund, which uses 100% […]


Bridging the great divide between renting and owning a home, DOMA leverages the principles of the new token economy to make housing accessible to everyone. Designed for a fair distribution of urban value, DOMA works as a platform cooperative, owned and run by its users.


Corona blockchain tool by IBM to “securely and democratically manage COVID-19 outbreaks by crossing siloed health and location data, while fully and unwaveringly protecting the privacy of its users.” MiPasa


LegalFling is the first blockchain based app to request and verify explicit consent before having sex.

Corona app

The Dutch Blockchain Coalition is working on a corona app on the blockchain that grants and denies access to buildings and facilities. News item on BNR